Specific Assistance

Services tailored to your specific needs and requirements

Where a specific project, acquisition of land or properties, partnership or joint venture in Poland, Central Eastern Europe  is under consideration, the PBEC can provide further assistance, through the following Stages:

The PBEC can source and organise the structure for an initial  exploratory trip to Poland or any countries in Central and East Europe for meetings with interested parties in your chosen market sector.

The PBEC can arrange introductions to leading industrialists and privatised organisations in Poland and Central Eastern Europe The PBEC can arrange all travel and hotel arrangements with the most precise time table. The PBEC can organise subsequent visits to Poland, Central Eastern Europe and assist in arranging additional meetings and itineraries.

Following successful completion of Stage 1, the PBEC can initiate detailed research and feasibility studies looking at the target market sector(s) and the prospective trading agreement, together with ancillary considerations such as market demand, competition, supply of labour & raw materials, location considerations, transportation and outlets. Following completion of this stage and a favourable interpretation of the results and conclusion by all parties concerned, it is envisaged that this phase will lead to an exchange of heads of agreement (letters of intent).

The PBEC can assist the parties in the formation of the agreement, together with providing any ancillary assistance such as legal and statutory requirements. The PBEC has access to key government ministries and political representatives who can facilitate the smooth progress towards a trading venture. Again, a similar service can be provided to Polish companies wishing to establish links in the UK.

Stage 1

Will be on the basis of a fixed charge agreement at a cost of 350 Euro plus specific advance travel, accommodation and travel costs, including Executive Club negotiated discounts. To initiate further discussions and see whats on offer you can directlly purchase this option by clicking below.

This is the first step and will include and introduction session as well as a meeting with our experienced team to discuss your needs, investigate possible business ventures and get access to our most up to date portfolio of offers, property, land, business deals and database of companies wishing to exchange contacts with potenital investors like your selves.

Stage 2

Will be a predetermined fee for carrying-out research and feasibility studies. The fee will depend upon the work involved. The successful conclusion of stage 2 will result in heads of terms being agreed (letters of intent) between the principal parties.

Stage 3

Will again be a predetermined fee depending upon the work involved and the type of agreement entered into by the principal partie.