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  Intraday Unusual Volume - Top 5 Up
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 CSGS 314%  23.29% news
 AFOP 257%  24.50% news
 PTR 231%  113.50% news
 ISCA 194%  33.51% news
 LVNTA 191%  86.75% news
Intraday Unusual Volume

Internet Services

We are commercial agents for  the “ACTUALIZER” content management system. The system represent unique software appliance use in all Business portals as well as other websites where content management system is a priority. Our patent – trade mark  platform, is well in use in many of business applications  by international and domestic  companies.

It was recognize by Polish government agencies to create portal, only the highest quality standards and applications are used by the government agencies. Many other website were created (see the attachment list and technical specification ).

Quality, competitive price are our priorities and trade mark.


If you are interested in our services please contact

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and development services

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